Train Your Bladder

With overactive bladder (OAB), your bladder may have gotten into the habit of going—even when it doesn't really need to. In this section, you'll learn ways to train your bladder, such as distraction and other methods. The most important thing to know is that bladder training is something worth trying.

Mind over bladder

Did you ever feel like you really had to go when the phone rang? If you picked up the phone and then forgot about going for a while, you were using a distraction technique without even realizing it. By practicing, you can actually develop this habit.

Distraction is all about focus

When you feel your bladder saying "Take me to the bathroom now!", distraction techniques may help. By focusing on something else, you may be able to help your bladder muscle to calm.

Could it be OAB?

Maybe it's time to ask your doctor about symptoms. The quiz below can help your discussion.

Take the OAB symptom quiz

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