What You Can Do to Help Treat Overactive Bladder

The more you know about what affects overactive bladder (OAB), the more you can do about it. In addition to prescription medications, there are also lifestyle tips that can help you treat your OAB symptoms. Each area below is designed to help you treat your symptoms in different ways.

  • Food & drink

    Did you know that caffeine and artificial sweeteners may make you go more often?

    Learn why

    Caffeine and artificial sweeteners provoke bladder urgency or discomfort. See what other foods are bladder unfriendly.
  • Train your bladder

    Did you know distraction techniques may help?

    Learn why

    Why? By focusing on something else, you may be able to help your bladder muscle to calm.
  • Keep track

    Did you know most people go to the bathroom during the day every 3 to 4 hours?

    Learn why

    Keeping tabs on how often you go—and if it was urgent—can help your doctor help you.

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